2nd Commando Regiment Paradrop


2nd Commando Regiment Paradrop (0.28 mins)

Late on Monday afternoon, the skies over Shoalwater Bay filled with dozens of parachute canopies. Slipping into the still waters were a team from the 2nd Commando Regiment intent on distracting the Exercise Talisman Sabre 2011 'enemy' force. Around 80 commandoes and 18 Zodiac F470 inflatable boats dropped from three Australian and United States C-130 aircraft in four passes over the 'drop zone'. After hitting the water, the commandoes get the Zodiacs underway, pick up their mates and rendezvous to get ready for the mission.

Publish Date 22 Jul 2011
Tags 2nd Commando Regiment Paradrop Talisman Sabre Army Shoalwater Bay C-130 Special Forces
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