Forces Entertainment rocks troops in Afghanistan


Forces Entertainment rocks troops in Afghanistan (1.19 mins)

Australian entertainers performed for Australian Defence Force (ADF) troops deployed to the Middle East during a tour of the region over Christmas and New Year. Melbourne band Echo Del Tusker, Brisbane band Amanda Emblem Experiment, comedians Bart Freebairn and Mick Neven, and the Royal Australian Air Force band AV8 performed at bases in Iraq, Afghanistan and Australia’s Main Operating base in the Middle East Region. The tour was organised by Forces Entertainment, which has organised concerts for deployed ADF personnel since 1966 when it entertained Australian forces in Vietnam. Australian entertainers have always been quick to commit their time and energy to entertain the troops through concerts. Their enthusiasm and highly professional performances have been a major factor in maintaining the morale of the men and women who accept considerable hardship and danger in their service to the nation.

Publish Date 08 Jan 2019
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